Mia Fratino

Mia Fratino is an Australian luxury fashion label, creating beautiful high-end knitwear with sound ethical and environmental practices – cashmere with a conscience. Owner Tim Fitzpatrick and designer Amy Jones believe that having a social and environmental conscience doesn’t have to mean sacrificing luxuries such as well-designed clothing and high quality fabrics.

As well as promoting the rise of ‘slow fashion’ and conscious consumption, Mia Fratino is also committed to ensuring socially ethical production at every point of the supply chain. Mia Fratino’s garments are all manufactured from the finest 100% Mongolian long-fibre cashmere, producing high-quality, versatile and timeless garments that outlast disposable trends and seasonal fashion.

Mia Fratino means ‘my sister’ in Esperanto, and the name is a nod not only to the sisterhood of fashion, but also to the global sisterhood acknowledged through the company’s philanthropic work in Sri Lanka.