OPINEL - Number 8 Stainless Steel Knife Olive Wood Handle with Leather Pouch in Wooden Pencil Case

OPINEL - Number 8 Stainless Steel Knife Olive Wood Handle with Leather



This Opinel No. 8 pocket knife from the Luxury Tradition series with dark brown leather Alpine sheath is the perfect Opinel set. Great while camping, hunting and for many other tasks. Store the knife neatly in the sheath to prevent damage. The Opinel set includes a beautiful wooden gift box with a plexiglass cover. Lovely as a gift!

  • Virobloc lock

The knife has a Virobloc lock, also called a ring lock. With a Virobloc, the hinges of the blade are solidly blocked by the ring. This type of locking system can be operated with two hands, which means that you will be less likely to end up too close to the edge. The ring is often used to lock the knife when closed. And by using oil you also make sure that the ring moves easily.

  • Type of steel

The blade is made from Sandvik 12C27 steel. A small amount of carbon has been added to the steel. As such the knives are razor-sharp.

  • Handle Material

The handle is made from olive wood. This wood has an orange/yellow colour. The dark, curved lines give the knife a warm and stylish look. The lines are different for every knife. Every knife has its own special look and feel! This knife feels very soft in hand, which is very comfortable during use.

  • Accessories and maintenance

To benefit from this Opinel-pocket knife longer maintenance is essential. A drop of Ballistol oil prevents the wood from drying out and it ensures that it will not lose its colour. Do not forget to oil the hinges as well. This keeps the ring running smoothly. With Opinel's sharpening stones, you can make the blade razor-sharp again. Moreover, always keep it in a suitable sheath to prevent damage to the metal. In short: check out our combideals and complete your purchase!