BUBISH - Wear Two Ways Cardigan - Dusty Pink

BUBISH - Wear Two Ways Cardigan - Dusty Pink

$320.00 $439.00

Size M/L available only. 
  • Can be worn two ways 
  • Slinky Stretch Fit
  • Designed to be worn slightly oversized
  • Your new winter staple
  • 100% Angora
  • S/M 

    Model is 5’11” & wearing Size S/M 

    • Professional dry clean only. Consult your dry cleaner first to ensure they can confidently clean fur garments.
    • Store your Bubish in a dark, cool wardrobe away from dark coloured clothing
    • Store away from direct sunlight
    • As this is a natural product, you may experience some moulting initially. We recommend you shake your garment prior to wear. Any moulting will reduce with wear.


    Up-cycled / By-product Fur
    Bubish proudly acknowledge that all materials are sourced from suppliers that abide by the Global Ethical Guidelines of Manufacturing set by the International Fur Federation. This means our suppliers provide us with rightfully procured fur that is either surplus fur or a secondary product of food trades under the requirements set by the Federation. Instead of going to waste, these by-product materials go through an ‘upcycled’ process to craft handmade, luxury garments.