Wardrobe deja vu: Learning to embrace the trends that resurge.

Wardrobe deja vu: Learning to embrace the trends that resurge.

Do you ever have wardrobe deja vu?

Fashion seems to be an ever-revolving door, with trends we thought were dead coming back and making us question that wardrobe cull some ten years ago…

Sometimes it can be difficult to embrace the come-back of styles from yesteryear, especially if you associate said trend with, say, your grandmother.  Loafers seem to be one of such dividing trends, never really dying, but strongly embraced by the fashion pack every few seasons.

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Functionally, loafers are one of the most versatile shoes out there. Not only are they comfortable, but they also work for the office, running around on the weekends, and everywhere in between.

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Of course, the nature of fashion is that every season brings a new twist on an old favourite, whether it be through texture, colour, heel type, or simply what you team said item up with.

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February/March are really buffer months that bode better for fashion than virtually any others. You can take with you what you loved about summer (white jeans, a leather clutch), discarding what you didn’t like and adding some new wins — like a lightweight knit or chunky chain necklace — to satisfy your readiness to try something new. It’s too soon for heavy boots and too late for strappy sandals. Which means only one thing, right? You guessed it.

This season, we are loving the versatility and cool-girl factor of ecru + metallic loafers.

These kind of leathers are a speciality of Spanish shoemakers, particularly in one of our favourite factories, Torretti.

Thanks to the wondrous world of Pinterest, we’ve rustled up a wealth of outfit inspiration so that you can embrace loafers too.


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 How will you style your loafers?


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